Developers Diaries #19 - Image Processing under Unfavorable Lighting Conditions

Actually, an overview of the current development status of PEAKTOURe would have been due long ago. For current reasons I have postponed this topic to the next Developers Diary. This article deals once again with contour detection. Here during a presentation and under poor lighting conditions.

Materials and Lighting Conditions

RG Technologies CCUT Mterial Capturing

Figure 1: Patent leather.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 2: Red leather with quality zones.

When installing a system with detection of material contours, quality zones and defects, we recommend the following environmental conditions:

  • Uniform, bright illumination
  • Diffuse light to avoid reflections
  • Same lighting conditions as far as possible throughout the day
  • No halos on the materials

As you can see in Figures 1 and 2, we successfully failed to meet all of the specifications in these tests.

Results under Poor Conditions

Despite these extremely unfavorable circumstances, very good results were achieved with the standard parameters in detecting the contours and quality zones. These standard parameters were defined in advance under normal lighting conditions without the afternoon sunlight. The materials used in the capturing process are already very difficult to process under optimal lighting conditions.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 3: Contour of a black patent leather - Due to the bright illumination, the projection of the contour line is very difficult to recognize. Unfortunately, our photography skills are not as good as our detection system.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 4: Contour of a red leather with quality zones.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 5: Contour of a pink leather with black print.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 6: Contour of a leather with golden pattern.

Finally, it should be noted that these lighting conditions are a special situation that can be avoided even with curtains and should not be present in any case in a successful installation. But from the pictures you can see the potential and stability of this system. Thanks again to the development team of our software partner Roboception. What a great job!


In the next issues, as promised, there will be updates on the current state of development in PEAKTOURe organise and produce.

Stay online and best regards


Gerald Meister