Components of a Cutting System

An optimally into the production integrated cutting system consists of much more than just a cutting table as a central element of the production. A cutting system can consist of the following components:

  • CCUT Scanner for digital capturing of the outlines and the material faults
  • Nesting Station / Automatic Nesting
  • Cutting Table with Modules and Tools
  • Sorting Assistance
  • Output devices

In order to be optimally adapted to the needs of each company, it is necessary to plan peripherals of the cutting table in close cooperation with the customer. 

Components in the CCUT production process


CCUT Scanner for determining the leather

contour and marked faults. Material faults

and quality zones can optionally also be

digitally marked.

  • Digital automation of the process.
  • Classification of the leather in consideration to faults and quality zones.
  • Using the automation potential.
  • Acquisition of the incoming goods, transparent warehousing.


CCUT Nesting takes into account material faults, quality zones and tensile directions. This can be done online or offline.



  • Manually: Manual nesting with user-friendly beamer-projection.
  • Automatically: Automatic nesting of patterns using a high-performance algorithm.
  • Interactive: Manual nesting of the most important patterns. Subsequently, the remaining patterns are automatically nested.


In addition to nesting, CCUT Cutting is the central element of the process and is optimally integrated into production.

Depending on the material, it can be cut in single layers and multi layers.

  • The processing precision is exceptional.
  • A variety of tools is available for individual materials.
  • Optimum adaptation of acceleration and speed for all materials.
  • High reliability of the machines.


CCUT Sorting speeds up the sorting process with visual support. Recommended especially for geometries that are visually difficult to distinguish from each other.

  • Display of geometries and markings on the cutting table.
  • Beamer projection allows the display in user-defined colors.
  • Order-related sorting possible.
  • Errors due to incorrect sorting are
    significantly reduced.

Output Devices

  • Control of various output devices, such as barcode printers. Interfaces are included in the system.
  • Output is mostly dependent on customer specifications and is adapted to the particular conditions in course of project management.