Training Offer

RG Technologies offers a range of training courses for the different requirements in the various software fields. Our courses take place either in our training centre or at the customer site. Please contact us to find your optimal training.


CCAD Workshop, 1 Day

The CCAD Workshop is designed for people who want to learn CAD, and wish to determine by the example of their own models, whether CCAD is suitable for their design requirements. The CCAD Workshop can be extended on request to the advanced module PDM with BOMs, Work Sheets and Production Orders.

CCUT Workshop, 1 Day

As part of the  CCUT Workshop we organize cutting tests together with the customer on its materials. There are determined metrics for materials. These include, for example tools and knives for the individual materials, settings at the table as accelerations and velocities.  The aim of the workshop is to give an accurate indication about the optimal configuration and the expected production rate with an automatic cutting system. 

Training in PEAKTOURe 3D

PEAKTOURe 3D, 1 - 2 Days

PEAKTOURe 3D RG Technologies

The PEAKTOURe 3D training teaches all relevant steps from importing to processing 3D objects. No previous knowledge is required.

Training content:

  • Import of 3D objects
  • Creating object lines and planes
  • Creating and editing design lines
  • Separating the object into sensible flattening units
  • Flattening
  • Export of the flattening in DXF format for further processing in CCAD or another programme for 2D design

Training in CCAD 2D Design

CCAD Basic, 3 Days

RG Technologies CCAD

The course is designed for CCAD beginners. This can be CAD newcomers or users upgrading from other systems on CCAD The course mainly targets industries such as shoe and leather goods industry, developers of automotive interiors and furniture production. We intensively discuss the basic functions that are required, to create a ready for production model.

Training content:

  • Scanning and digitizing
  • Basic CAD elements
  • Basic functions for selection and display of elements
  • Basic settings
  • Pattern import
  • Modelling with all the necessary functions such as offsets for underlays, seams, folding edges etc.
  • Manipulation of elements
  • Dependencies
  • Creation of patterns including notches, roundings, edges, marking splines, super-lines, inside elements and cut-outs.
  • Edit patterns, for example copy with and without inside elements, changing pattern names.
  • Nesting of patterns

CCAD Advanced, 2 Days

This course is based on CCAD Basic. The course designed for users who are already working with CCAD and have profound knowledge. It imparts functions which facilitate the technical design of the models and make work more efficient.


Training content:

  • Edit patterns by insert, remove and change elements.
  • Advanced design features
  • Creating new display conditions and maintenance of the library of display conditions
  • Tool allocations and cutting settings
  • Database functions
  • Additional parameters
  • Standards
  • Linked files
  • Pattern modes
  • Export functions
  • Archiving of models

CCAD Refresher Course, 2 Days

The CCAD Refresher Course is suited for users who are already working with CCAD. During the course we work out solutions for specific tasks in modelling. It can also be used to see gridlocked work flows under a different angle and optimize them.


Training content:

  • Repeat and deepen all known functions
  • Look at user-specific questions
  • Elaboration and optimization of work flows for certain design characteristics of different models. 

CCAD Digitizer, 1 Day

RG Technologies CCAD

The CCAD Digitizer has been specially developed for large-format patterns as they are in use in the furniture industry and at automotive suppliers. The course aims to teach you how the digitizer can be optimally integrated into the production process for the import of patterns to CCAD. 


Training content:

  • Import of patterns
  • Digitizing of patterns with extended functions
  • Create and edit ready for production patterns

CCAD Shoes, 5 Days

RG Technologies CCAD

This course is aimed specifically at technical modellers of the footwear industry. It includes the offer CCAD Basic and and goes beyond explicit problems and tasks in the construction of shoe models


Training content:

  • Scanning and digitizing
  • Basic CAD elements
  • Basic functions for selection and display of elements
  • Import Patterns
  • Modelling with all the necessary functions such as offsets for underlays, seams, folding edges etc.
  • Manipulation of elements
  • Dependencies
  • Creation of patterns including notches, roundings, edges, marking splines, super-lines, inside elements and cut-outs.
  • Pattern nesting
  • Merge and separate patterns
  • Create libraries for design elements
  • Pattern nesting
  • Standards
  • Copy models and designs
  • Important constructive aspects regarding the following grading process

CCAD Orthopedics, 3 Days

This course can be combined with the courses CCAD Basic or CCAD Shoes.  CCAD Orthopedics is an advanced training course specially for orthopedic shoemakers. Its specific interest lays on the subject orthopedic lasts and made to measure  production. 


Training content:

  • Design of several basic models
  • Adoption of existing basic models to orthopedic lasts
  • Setting up a client library
  • Evaluation of a right and a left shoe
  • Handle both sides in the further production process

Training in the Field CCAD Grading

CCAD Grading, 3 Days

The course CCAD Grading is relevant only for users from the footwear industry. Here it is trained how to create single sizes based on the established size systems like English or French.


Training content:

  • Create the size range
  • Settings for grading
  • Normal grading
  • Central grading (group grading)
  • Offset grading
  • Create further grading areas
  • Sort out patterns
  • Size notches
  • Control functions to check the grading

CCAD Grading of Boots, 1 Day

This course builds on the course CCAD Grading. Grading of boots id specifically considered in this course.


Training content:

  • Central grading for boots
  • Grading zippers in consideration of the connected areas

Training in the Field CCAD PDM

CCAD PDM Module, 3 Days

The course CCAD PDM builds not on the CCAD courses for technical design. The content of this course is independant from the area design. No previous experience in the field of CCAD Design is required. Depending on requirements, the different areas of the PDM Module are trained.


Training content dependant from customers requirements:

  • Common model data
  • Releases and saving rights
  • Bills of Materials
  • Work Sheets
  • Order creation

Training for Calculation

CCAD Material Costing, 3 Days

The course CCAD Material Costing is not based not on the courses for CAD Design and PDM. There is no additional basic knowledge required. The course deals only with the consumption calculation of existing models.


Training content:

  • SLM-Method
  • Synthetics-Method
  • Calculation Bills of Materials
  • Measure Stretches
  • Valuation

Administrator Trainings

CCAD Administration and File Structure, 1 Day

Advanced course on CCAD Basic and CCAD Advanced. This course is aimed specifically at users who want to intervene administratively in the system and those who act as superuser at customers with multiple CAD stations. 


Training content:

  • Basic database knowledge
  • Setting up and maintaining the data structure
  • Create and manage users
  • Rights allocation for CCAD and CCUT
  • Registration of output devices

CCAD Formsheet Designer, 3 Days

Content of this course is to create output forms for each CCAD module. The forms can be printed directly on CCAD, or saved as a PDF and sent.


Training content:

  • Replica of existing forms
  • Building new forms
  • Insert images in the forms
  • Mail merge forms

Training in the Field of Automatic Cutting

CCUT Basis, 3 Days

RG Technologies Zuschnittsysteme

This course is designed for CCUT beginners and constitutes the basis for working with automated cutting systems CAD skills are not required. The course is specifically tailored to the trainees and varies depending on the used cutting solution. 


Training content depending on the implemented solution:

  • Basic functions of the cutting table
  • Tool adjustment and changing
  • Adjustment of the cutting table
  • Online-Nesting
  • Offline-Nesting
  • Manual, interactive and automatic nesting
  • Cutting settings
  • Cutting
  • Sorting with pick up device

CCUT Advanced, 2 Days

The the CCUT Advanced course requires prior participation in CCUT Basic course.  The course is mainly aimed at maximum optimization of cutting time and material utilization.


Training Content:

  • Develop optimized cutting parameters for the materials used
  • Optimize nesting by advanced settings
  • Increasing the production output by know-how of the most important factors
  • Achieving optimum utilization of material

CCUT Refresher, 1 Days

The CCUT Refresher course helps the user becoming more efficiently. It also provides functions that can support during everyday use of the system.


Training content:

  • Die Analyse des Arbeitsprozesses im realen Betrieb
  • Presentation of features that can make the operation more efficient
  • Develop new workflows with the help of the new features

CCUT Statistics, 1 Day

Precondition for CCUT Statistics course is  knowledge of  CCUT. In this course all the statistics and control functions which are part of the system are mediated. It is worked out together how the statistics can support the user in increasing its productivity.


Training Content:

  • Joint development of meaningful statistics for the user
  • Read the statistics
  • Increasing productivity by means of statistics