CCUT Capture for Automated Detection of Materials

CCUT Capture enables precise determination of material contours and pre-marked faults and quality zones. The software is based on sensors from Roboception, a provider of innovative 3D vision hardware and software solutions.

RG Technologies Roboception capture contour qualitäty zones leather

The contours can be used in the further production process at any time. The ability to use automatic nesting in addition to manual nesting means, that the materials can be used significantly more effectively. This minimizes material consumption, which means that the system can be amortized quickly in a very short time.


The reproducibility of the nesting on the material contours also optimizes the planning of production and material consumption. Excess material and additional storage costs are a thing of the past.


The contour detection is a scalable system that is dependent on the size of the material and consists of several sensors that detect the contour of the desired material. In addition to the contour, material faults and various quality zones are also captured.

RG Technologies Roboception capture contour quality zones leahter nesting

 During the development we attached importance to the following points:

  • Easy installation and setup of the system.
  • Easy to use.
  • Maximum resistance to external influences, such as light conditions changing during operation
  • Flawless capture of the contours and quality zones for a wide variety of color combinations, even if there is no monochrome color scheme.
  • Robust hardware, suitable for industrial production.
  • Very good price / performance ratio.

Areas of Application

Although originally developed for leather processing production companies, CCUT Capture from RG Technologies is also used for other materials in other industries. The area of application can thus be described as diverse. CCUT Capture can be used wherever contours have to be captured for further processing.

Added Value

  • The quality of the individual hides / materials with all characteristics is documented and is available for retrieval at any time.
  • Control function for the leather / material data provided by the supplier.
  • The current stock of the material warehouse can always be easily viewed.
  • Optimal material utilization during the subsequent automatic nesting. Significant increase in efficiency.
  • The nestings are saved and can be viewed at any later point in time.
  • Your production process is digitally automated, the connected processes optimized.