RG Technologies offers well-founded practical advice for your production. This includes the areas development, production and process planning as well as the entire production. We have many years of experience in the leather processing industry and advise you competently and comprehensively.


Our services range from the analysis and optimization of individual processes and procedures, to the planning of complete factories, including machinery, equipment and technical information technology.


RG Technologies advises you in particular on the following topics:

  • Analysis and optimization of processes and product ranges
  • Reorganization
  • Factory Planning
  • Energy Optimization
  • Procurement Service
  • Software Coaching

We provide assistance in the development of contemporary and economic concepts for the leather industry.

Consulting Divisions in Detail

Prozess Optimization

Together with you, we develop concepts to optimize your processes. At the forefront are efficiency, process safety and economy. Our approaches are customer oriented and base on an intensive analysis of the current state of each company. The elaborated solutions are concrete and include detailed proposals for the use of technology as well as to organization of the production process. You obtain from RG Technologies an offer to optimize your processes. It is tailored to your company and very easy to implement in practice. On request, we also will implement the proposal in your company.


RG Technologies offers a comprehensive analysis of the current status of your production.


This includes in particular the following points:

  • Condition of the production equipment
  • Expiration of the observed process
  • Considering the preceding and subsequent processes
  • Complete internal organization of the relevant manufacturing process


With the help of this knowledge the target state is elaborated. This can be various and include different factors such as higher output, lower cost, less space. We will submit proposals for new or improved production lines. You receive a detailed elaborated solution containing especially a precise definition of the necessary equipment.


The reorganization of your production can begin. RG Technologies has all the skills and long year experience not only for the planing but also to do the implementation of the reorganization. The project management of RG Technologies warrants that your production plant is brought into the desired state. On customer request, the implementation can also be separated from planning and carried out with any partner.

Factory Planning

RG Technologies assumes also the planning of complete departments or factories. The elaboration of a detailed proposal is based on a detailed analysis of the requirements and existing possibilities for the desired production output, the available space and financial means.


The planning of the hall or required modifications in existing buildings, occurs in close consultation with the commissioned architects and considers the following topics:

  • Size of the factory
  • Targeted production output
  • Required departments
  • Involved production processes
  • Location - National, European or outside Europe


The machinery is arranged very carefully according to the latest technological developments. On request we gladly carry out the machine procurement.


All upcoming steps in the implementation of the project will be organized, monitored and supervised by us. We are your partner for your new leather products factory. We have both nationally and internationally gained experience in planning new factories. Please contact us. We will inform you about references to already implemented projects.

Procurement Services for Technology

RG Technologies advises you detailed on purchase of the required technology components. We have excellent industry knowledge and outstanding contacts to the relevant suppliers. By bundling the purchasing we can offer products at competitive prices. We have reliable technology partner for all production machines in the areas of cutting, sewing, assembly, and finishing.

Energy Optimization in Production

RG Technologies provides comprehensive advice, to which extent and in which areas you can save energy and reduce costs in the production. We will show you savings potentials beginning from the production facilities up to the building. Through the efficient use of materials and resources expenses for materials and energy can be significantly reduced. Costs can be reduced by increased material efficiency and optimum utilization of the production by up to 20%. The realization of savings is diverse, this can be done through innovative environmental technology, a general optimization of resource flows or the optimization of processes and product design. Not negligible is the image boost of sustainable enterprises. Optimize your production not only in terms of utilization and output, do not neglect the energy consumption.

Coaching - Software Training and further Education

Our mission is to provide our customers specifically the necessary know-how. We offer training both to our software products, as well as to many other subjects, where we are expanding our range with competent partners. Please contact us, we will inform you about the offer of our training.