An important issue in model development is the flattening of a 3D object. Flattening is the transformation of the 3D body to the two-dimensional shape. With free-form bodies, such as the shoe last in the following figures, this represents a technical challenge. There are always areas with strains and compression that have to be taken into account when flattening. The know-how required for manual flattening was brought to PEAKTOURe within the scope of a customer project. This guarantees the fast, exact and reproducible flattening of 3D bodies.

PEAKTOURe 3D thus enables all technical modellers without prior knowledge to flatten a 3D body. This work process, which is essential for the success of model development, must not rest on the shoulders of individual employees, but should flow into the company's knowledge pool.


RG Technologies has experience in flattening 3D ojects for many years. CCAD 3D has been in use in the industry for a long time. With PEAKTOURe 3D our proven software has not only been redesigned, but also raised to a whole new level.

RG Technologies PEAKTOURe 3D Object

PEAKTOURe 3D is our software for the technical flattening of 3D objects. It was developed in close cooperation with a customer. The data of the three-dimensional objects are transferred to PEAKTOURe 3D in STL format and flattened there. The flattening of the object can be done including design lines. After flattening, the data is available for further processing in the 2D design. The software is used in technical model departments to create digital, technical (last-) flattenings and basic models.

What we Care

  • High accuracy of the flattenings
  • Reproducibility of the the flattenings
  • Quick and easy interaction
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automatisms that serve to support the work

Scope of Services


  • Import of the 3D object
  • Import of design lines
  • Digitize design lines directly on the 3D object
  • Edit existing design lines on the 3D object
RG Technologies PEAKTOURe 3D Designlines

Preparation of the Flattening

  • Generating object lines
  • Separation of the 3D object in outside and inside, respectively into individual areas
RG Technologies PEAKTOURe 3D Flattening


  • Automatic flattening of the outside and inside
  • Flattening can optionally be done with transformation
RG Technologies PEAKTOURe 3D Flattening

Further Processing

  • Transfer of flattened 3D object to CCAD 2D or another 2D design system
  • Developing the model
RG Technologies PEAKTOURe 3D CCAD

Added Value through PEAKTOURe 3D

The flattening of 3D object and design lines with PEAKTOURe 3D works extremely efficiently compared to manual flattening. The 2D data is generated from the imported 3D objects and designs quickly and with the greatest possible accuracy. Further processing in 2D Design is done without loss of the processing accuracy.