Interview with Theo Kuffler

Theo Kuffler CEO at RG Technologies

Over the last few years, the field of machine procurement has becom increasingly important for RG Technologies. In this interview with Theo Kuffler, CEO of RG Technologies, you will find interesting and informative information about this topic. 

RG Technologies: Which industries buy machines at RG Technologies?


Theo Kuffler: This is, in principle, the complete area of the leather processing industries. Starting with the shoe industry, producers of leather goods, manufacturers of upholstery furniture and automotive.


RG Technologies: Is there a higher demand for certain production areas or machines?


Theo Kuffler: There is no trend to be noticed. The demand for a wide range of production technologies changes constantly. This depends on the needs of the individual customer, but also on trends in fashion.


RG Technologies: Can you tell us something about technical developments and trends in production technology?


Theo Kuffler: Not only in the shoe and leather processing industry, but especially here, the interest in the topic of production automation has increased in the recent years. Many of our suppliers rely on improvements and extensions of their products with regard to integrative processing of production data.

An effort to implement more and more robot technology in the production halls is also evident. All this serves to increase efficiency, uniformity and process reliability in production.

Without efficient processes in a production environment, however, these technologies are not as effective as they could be. Therefore, the optimization of process flows to an efficient and stringent use of the production means is regularly a topic in which we have been supporting customers for years.


RG Technologies: Do you also deliver test machines?


Theo Kuffler: The possibility of delivery of test equipment is highly dependent of machine and supplier. However, a large number of our suppliers have the possibility to obtain test machines. In the most cases these test machines were purchased directly from the respective customer after the testing period.


RG Technologies: What distinguishes RG Technologies? What added value does the customer receive from our activities?


Theo Kuffler: We bring our established consulting expertise into the procurement of the production machines. Since we are not subject to any brand or product binding, we can recommend to every customer the machine that is most suitable for its application. Through over 20 years of experience in this field, we have a comprehensive market overview. We support the decision-makers with detailed information and expertise. A longtime, close and good relationship to the most important suppliers allows us to carry out customer-specific, documented tests. Already in the run-up to a decision we develop detailed, elaborated, optimal solutions. At the same time, we are in a position to offer our customers an attractive pricing based on the list prices of the manufacturers because of the fact that we can exploit volume bundling effects. We offer a turnkey handling from the needs analysis, preparation for the decision-making and consulting up to the purchase. The package is completed by a competent after-sales service. With us as a partner in the procurement of production technology, the customer has a competent contact for all phases of the process.


RG Technologies: What can you tell us about the machine support?


Theo Kuffler: Support is self-evident in all areas of our company. So also in the field of production technology. The support is carried out by qualified technicians of the manufacturer for more extensive work. The organization of the service appointment is taken over by us, of course. This is where our competent team member, Marc Welsing, is at your disposal.


RG Technologies: Can you briefly explain the process of machine procurement at RG Technologies?


Theo Kuffler: We are fortunate to have with Michael Höcherl at this point an employee who deals closely with the customer's requirements. Initially, the customer's needs are determined by means of discussions and, if necessary, on-site analyzes. On request, we can organize machine presentations directly at the manufacturer or at the relevant trade fairs. The offer is then created. When the order is executed, we monitor the delivery date and dispatch processing. At the request of the customer, we assist with installation and training. Of course, we also take over the after-sales service and spare parts supply. The customer receives all services from a single source.


RG Technologies: Thank you for the interview.