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RG Technologies is a developer and supplier of innovative and integrative software solutions, technologies and services. For many years we have been dealing with product development and production processes in the processing of leather and flat materials.


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Partner Blog #3 Olympic Engineering

Olympic Engineering is a Greek company that has been pioneering innovative technologies for the footwear industry for many decades. Olympic has been a close partner of ours for years, with whom we have a trusting and successful working relationship. This enabled us to take over the complete distribution of the DACH region, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Olympic was founded in 1969 by Christos Triantafyllis and has remained in the family. Nick Triantafyllis now runs the company. The company's focus has always been on creativity and innovation. This is reflected in all the company's products. The quality and precision of the products are guaranteed by the company's own department for the production of castings. The resulting possibilities for creative development approaches for the individual machines are unique in the industry. The company constantly rethinks old process steps and comes up with new solutions and well thought-out details for them.


The machines themselves are characterized by safe and intuitive operation, ergonomic design, high productivity, robustness and durability. The product range includes machines for back part moulding, toe moulding, side lasting, upper assembly and upper crimping and blocking.


The company also specializes in the manufacture of moulds for their back part moulding- and moccassin forming machines.


In all projects implemented so far, we have been able to count on the quick and competent support of the manufacturer.

Crimping Machines: VC-19D und VC-23 D

 Olympic Engineering, Crimping

With the VC-19D, Olympic achieved a coup a few years ago by completely rethinking the previous concept of crimping. Since then, numerous well-known and leading shoe manufacturers have recognized the potential of this technology and are using it profitably, especially to avoid costly and material-intensive re- cutting.

In the meantime - true to the company's philosophy - further development does not stand still here either and so the latest generation was presented at the last SIMAC 2022. The VC-23D is fully programmable and, thanks to the integrated touch screen, all parameters can be edited precisely and easily. The software for this comes from the company itself. In terms of material technology, there are basically no restrictions in processing; even the most sensitive materials can be successfully crimped without creases.

Toe Moulding Machine: TM-17

 Olympic Engineering, Toe Moulding Machine

The TM-17 toe moulding machine is also one of Olympic's bestsellers. In the course of the increasingly popular Strobel technique, this machine produces a result that makes all further work steps much easier. In addition, the fit can be precisely and repeatedly influenced at this point. As with all other Olympic machines, a wide variety of materials can be processed, especially those that are often difficult to handle with other technologies.

Back Part Moulders: The Multiform Series

 Olympic Engineering, Multiform Series

With the machines of the multiform series, Olympic has been sending very powerful machines into the race for many years, which produce an excellent result. The shaping in the back part area is very efficient for different types of making, both for Thermo- and for Lefa caps. The machines can process an extremely wide range of materials, and the results speak for themselves. The specially developed Quick-Change system reduces set-up times to a minimum. Rotatable moulds enable the processing of a wide range of fabrics. The machines are suitable for heavy footwear as well as for gallantry.

If you have any questions about Olympic Engineering products, we will be happy to answer them.


The following issue of our partner blog is dedicated to Global, a company whose machines cover a completely different field of shoe manufacturing.

We are pleased that you visit our blog regularly. See you next time.

Developers Diaries #21 - Our first Aristomat for a Customer

This week our first Aristo cutting table, which is actually already sold to a customer, was set up in our demo centre. Now we have three weeks to prepare for the JEC not only in terms of software but also in combination with the cutting table. Our approach has always been to offer a complete cutting system. It is of course an enormous advantage to have such a system in house. Nothing can replace tests in the development environment.

As already described in the last diary, we are planning to present PEAKTOURe produce at the trade fair. Therefore, these will be another busy few weeks, coupled with the great anticipation of finally being able to present the new software to you. Even if it will take a while until the software is production ready, we are in the final spurt and after the extensive tests before and after the fair we will be able to publish a first release date. Stay interested, one of the next diaries will probably be about when and in which form the release will take place.


You don't feel like or don't have time to spend a few days in Paris in spring? No problem, because already next week we will get another cutting table from Aristo and during the FESPA in Munich you can request presentation appointments with us. We will then be happy to show you our complete product range and look forward to talking to you about the best solution for your needs. Feldkirchen-Westerham is only a stone's throw away from the exhibition centre in Riem.


In the second half of the year, we will get another Aristo table on which we can map a wide range of production processes. By then we will also have a Buddy in our demo room again. Unfortunately, our Buddy had to leave us, but he is now in good hands and actually only a few minutes' walk from our office. Therefore, we will continue to take care of him. As we all know, you never leave a good friend alone.


Enjoy the Easter holidays with your family and friends and stay online.


Gerald Meister

We cut more than just leather!

In the past, among other things, we have made a name for ourselves with our software solutions for the automatic cutting of leather. Of course, we do not only cut leather, but many other common materials. We process these materials on tables from various manufacturers. The process goes far beyond simple cutting. In this blog, we will give you a brief summary of what we offer in the field of automatic cutting.

Which materials do we cut?

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Leather and vegetable leather
  • Textiles and technical textiles
  • Composites
  • (Real wood) veneer
  • Vinyl and laminate
  • Rubber and sealing materials
  • Foams

Is your material not among those mentioned? Please contact us. We will be happy to run tests with your material according to your requirements and recommend the optimal tool on this basis.

Which industries do we address?

We address a wide range of industries with our solutions. These include the shoe and leather goods industry, automotive, manufacturers of upholstered furniture, seal manufacturers, packaging industry and many more.

Where are the fields of application for automatic cutting?

Automatic cutting is used in sample, individual and series production as well as in development and research.

How does the process of automatic cutting proceed?

In an ideal production process, the geometries to be cut, which are available in digital form, are combined into one order with the required number of units. With the help of our CCUT software solution, these geometries are nested manually or automatically on the material. This can be executed directly on the table (online) or on an external nesting station (offline). After cutting, the user receives support from the pick up assistance. Each step of the process is statistically documented for controlling purposes.

Much more than simple cutting

Controlled by CCUT, the cutting tables we use can do much more than cutting.

Other features are, among others

  • Milling
  • Bevel cuts
  • Creasing
  • Labelling / Marking
  • Registration marks and reference lines

The pages on "Cutting Systems" focus in detail on all processes related to automatic cutting. But always remember, we can do more than leather!


Are you interested in this topic? Please contact us.

Developers Diaries #20 -JEC World 2023 and PEAKTOURe produce

Since the introduction of the workflow in PEAKTOURe organise some time ago, a lot has happened. We are currently working intensively on a version of produce that we can present to customers for the first time.

Therefore, I am very pleased to announce that we will present our new software for the first time at the JEC in Paris from 25-27 April. The software will not be ready yet and a few features will still be missing at that time, but the presentation of a complete production process will already be possible. Among the key features we can already show are:

  • Import of CAD data.
  • Mapping of the workflow requested by the customer by adapting or integrating the file-relevant releases for the individual work steps. This also includes definable processes that are carried out automatically.
  • Management of order data.
  • Manual nesting of patterns and strips.
  • Automatic contour detection and management of the captured materials.
  • Automatic nesting with a nesting algorithm adapted to the requirements
RG Technologies PEAKTOURe produce, material detection, nesting and automatic cutting

Some colleagues are already sleeping in the office after work so that we can present even more features, such as the integration of Optiscout. But don't worry, even if Elon Musk calls it hell, for us it's simply called home office.

I am particularly pleased that we will again be represented on the Aristo booth at the JEC WORLD, as we were last October at the "K" trade fair in Düsseldorf. You will find us at booth D11 hall 6.

We are planning to install an Aristo cutting table with three working areas in our showroom in the near future. This will make it easier for us to test customised production processes during the development of PEAKTOURe produce.


This means another milestone for our test and presentation centre. In addition to our Buddy 1015, a static cutting table, we will in future be able to demonstrate a conveyor cutting table and an offline nesting station with contour detection with the Aristomat TL1925c.


I will keep you updated on this topic in one of the next diaries.

Stay online and best regards


Gerald Meister

In Partner Blog #2 we Present the Company Ormac

We have been working closely with Ormac for many years. The Italian company based in Vigevano is one of the market leaders in the field of mechanical shoe machine manufacturing.

The company's product portfolio includes toe and heal seat lasting machines, heal seat and side lasting machines as well as bottom machines for pounding, roughing and cementing.

The products are developed and produced exclusively in Italy.


Since its foundation in 1951, the company has been developing innovative technical solutions for the footwear industry and has made a name for itself in this field worldwide. Ormac is still owned by the founding Cucchetti family with the participation of the Torielli family.

In the past, we have mainly handled projects in the field of lasting and bottom machines. These are characterised by a high quality, very reliable and clean construction. The machines we look after have often been in use for many years in multi-shift operation. This is guaranteed, among other things, by a highly reliable spare parts service and the outstanding competence of the Ormac technicians.


The machines enable the customer to work very precisely, have fully editable parameters and can thus solve even very demanding tasks with repeatable accuracy. Requirements beyond the standard are also competently planned and implemented.

We are pleased about your interest and will answer all questions about the individual Ormac products competently.


In the following issue of the Partner Blog, we continue with the Greek company Olympic Engineering.

We are pleased that you visit our blog regularly. See you next time.

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