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RG Technologies is a developer and supplier of innovative and integrative software solutions, technologies and services. For many years we have been dealing with product development and production processes in the processing of leather and flat materials.


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In Partner Blog #2 we Present the Company Ormac

We have been working closely with Ormac for many years. The Italian company based in Vigevano is one of the market leaders in the field of mechanical shoe machine manufacturing.

The company's product portfolio includes toe and heal seat lasting machines, heal seat and side lasting machines as well as bottom machines for pounding, roughing and cementing.

The products are developed and produced exclusively in Italy.


Since its foundation in 1951, the company has been developing innovative technical solutions for the footwear industry and has made a name for itself in this field worldwide. Ormac is still owned by the founding Cucchetti family with the participation of the Torielli family.

In the past, we have mainly handled projects in the field of lasting and bottom machines. These are characterised by a high quality, very reliable and clean construction. The machines we look after have often been in use for many years in multi-shift operation. This is guaranteed, among other things, by a highly reliable spare parts service and the outstanding competence of the Ormac technicians.


The machines enable the customer to work very precisely, have fully editable parameters and can thus solve even very demanding tasks with repeatable accuracy. Requirements beyond the standard are also competently planned and implemented.

We are pleased about your interest and will answer all questions about the individual Ormac products competently.


In the following issue of the Partner Blog, we continue with the Greek company Olympic Engineering.

We are pleased that you visit our blog regularly. See you next time.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Year 2023

RG Technologies wünscht frohe Weihnachten

Welcome to our Partner Blog #1

From today we start with a new series of blogs. Frequent readers are already familiar with the Developers Diaries. Following this model, there will be another blog series about our long-term partners in the field of production technology.

Each month we will take a closer look at one of our partners. In addition to the product portfolio of the respective company, we will also look at innovative new developments and trends in their field.

In the first issue, we will briefly summarize our services in the large field of manufacturing technology, without specifically addressing a particular partner.

RG Technologies has been engaged for many years in the reorganization of manufacturing processes and the optimization of the implemented technologies in companies in the footwear, leather goods, upholstered furniture and automotive industries. Together with our partners, we cover the production areas of cutting, sewing, assembly and finishing.

What projects do we take on?

The projects we take on start with the procurement of individual machines through to the handling of a company's complete machine purchasing.

They range from the reorganization of individual production processes to the planning of complete production facilities.

How do we approach a new project?

Depending on the task, the current status of a single production step or a complex production process is determined. Then, together with the customer, we define the target state to be achieved as well as the milestones in the project planning.

Based on these findings, we begin with the technology research and create an overall package tailored to the customer, which includes the optimal solution.

What know-how are we able to provide?

We have many years of experience in the field of production chains and the associated manufacturing technologies in the industries mentioned at the beginning. During this time we were able to successfully implement many projects.

Due to the continuous, close cooperation with our partners and customers, we are fully informed about the latest trends and developments in the field of manufacturing technology. This know-how enables us to approach each new project with the certainty of finding the best possible solution together with our customers.

What sets us apart?

For every project, regardless of whether it involves a single machine or an extensive process, we are your single point of contact from the ordering process up to training your team. The complete handling of the project is therefore in one hand.

After installation, the project is not finished for us. Of course, you will receive an all-round carefree package from us, which includes service and spare parts procurement. Many satisfied customers and successfully completed projects confirm us in our work.

Please visit the Technology page of our homepage for more detailed information about our services.

In the following issue of the Partner Blog we will start with the Italian company Ormac.

We are pleased that you visit our blog regularly. See you next time.

Developers Diaries #19 - Image Processing under Unfavorable Lighting Conditions

Actually, an overview of the current development status of PEAKTOURe would have been due long ago. For current reasons I have postponed this topic to the next Developers Diary. This article deals once again with contour detection. Here during a presentation and under poor lighting conditions.

Materials and Lighting Conditions

RG Technologies CCUT Mterial Capturing

Figure 1: Patent leather.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 2: Red leather with quality zones.

When installing a system with detection of material contours, quality zones and defects, we recommend the following environmental conditions:

  • Uniform, bright illumination
  • Diffuse light to avoid reflections
  • Same lighting conditions as far as possible throughout the day
  • No halos on the materials

As you can see in Figures 1 and 2, we successfully failed to meet all of the specifications in these tests.

Results under Poor Conditions

Despite these extremely unfavorable circumstances, very good results were achieved with the standard parameters in detecting the contours and quality zones. These standard parameters were defined in advance under normal lighting conditions without the afternoon sunlight. The materials used in the capturing process are already very difficult to process under optimal lighting conditions.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 3: Contour of a black patent leather - Due to the bright illumination, the projection of the contour line is very difficult to recognize. Unfortunately, our photography skills are not as good as our detection system.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 4: Contour of a red leather with quality zones.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 5: Contour of a pink leather with black print.

RG Technologies CCUT Material Capturing

Figure 6: Contour of a leather with golden pattern.

Finally, it should be noted that these lighting conditions are a special situation that can be avoided even with curtains and should not be present in any case in a successful installation. But from the pictures you can see the potential and stability of this system. Thanks again to the development team of our software partner Roboception. What a great job!


In the next issues, as promised, there will be updates on the current state of development in PEAKTOURe organise and produce.

Stay online and best regards


Gerald Meister

Developers Diaries #18 - Installation of a Cutting System in South Africa

A report about the installation of a cutting system in the Developer Diaries? You are probably wondering whether this is the right place for this blog post. But we at RG Technologies believe that practical experience is important for all employees to ensure optimal further development of our products. That's why I was involved in the installation of the system for our new customer Trendi Holdings in Durban as support for our Application Engineer Peter Unterseher.


Another reason was the scope of the installation. Setting up a cutting system, including all available modules, and the CAD is very difficult for one person to do in a fortnight. Especially when you consider that the client's team also has to be trained during this time, and that this was our very first installation in South Africa.


We needed the first few days to set up the Bullmer cutting table. Starting with the optimal position of the system up to the final implementation and first test cuts. At the same time, we were able to start attaching the mounts for the sensors and the projectors.

The following pictures already show the front work area where the leather skins are captured and the parts are nested. In the background, the hanging of the projectors for sorting of the parts after cutting is being prepared. After the first provisional cabling, the tests for the capturing and nesting could be started.

In the background of the two pictures you can still see the templates for manual cutting that have been used so far. The aim is to get this area completely free.


In the second week, training on the cutting table and CAD could begin as planned. On the second day of the training, parts designed in our system were already being cut for production. In the course of the week, the team became more and more independent and in the last days we were only on site for support and advice during production.

RG Technologies CCUT Zuschnittsystem bei Trendi Holdings: Erfassung - Automatisches Nesting - Schneiden - Absortieren

I would especially like to thank all the people involved from Trendi Holdings, N&T Sewing Technologies, Bullmer and Esto Schintex who actively supported us during the installation of the system. Without their help, the installation would not have been so straightforward and successful.


Derrick and Timm from N&T Sewing Technologies in particular looked after us during the entire two weeks, even apart from work, and introduced us to the hospitality of South Africa. We would also like to thank Jeremy Rom, the CEO of Trendi Holdings. We will be happy to come back.


Finally, to come back to the practical relevance: Yes, we have learnt a lot from this installation and will incorporate the new experiences into the further development of our products.

Stay online and best regards


Gerald Meister

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