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RG Technologies is a developer and supplier of innovative and integrative software solutions, technologies and services. For many years we have been dealing with product development and production processes in the processing of leather and flat materials.


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Developers Diaries #9

The Integration of New Functions

The last few months with lockdown, shutdown and all the other downs that followed have not passed without a trace in our development.

Therefore, we had to postpone our big goal of having a first demonstrable version of PEAKTOURe produce ready by the end of 2020. We can keep an eye on more precise dates when we go back to normal operations in development. According to our plan, this will be the case in the next 1-2 months.


Despite the restrictions, we were of course not inactive and decided to incorporate some functions and extensions that are already available in the new program into the current version of our software.


As a customer, you will therefore no longer find just one standard algorithm for automatic nesting in our nesting software CCUT, but can now choose between three automatic nesting algorithms. Each of these provides powerful and comprehensive functions and can be fully recommended. Of course, every algorithm has its special strengths, which come into play with certain requirement profiles. In the screenshots you can see some application examples for a first orientation.



Stay healthy and optimistic


Gerald Meister - Head of Development


Corona Developers Diaries #7

Warm regards from Bavaria with restricted exit. Of course, the last few days have not left us without a trace due to the current situation. Nevertheless, our office is still open and we can be reached under the known telephone numbers. More on this at the end of the blog.


Of course, the loss of various communication channels is not always a disadvantage for software developers. And that's why I can introduce you to some new functions from the new PEAKTOURe family despite home office, lessons at home and various other obstacles.


After we have been able to import inventory data from CCAD, as already mentioned, we have integrated several nesting algorithms into the application in the past few weeks. In the future you will have a choice of three different algorithms. This enables us to ensure that we always have the best solution for your needs, regardless of the industry in which you operate.

RG Technologies Autonest PEAKTOURe produce Leathergoods Shoes Upholstery Automotive

We have already developed a first simulation for the output of the nested data. The simulated cutting table is currently a Buddy 1015, which we were able to install for a customer at the beginning of March. All other types of the brands we distribute will follow over time. The following figure shows the simulation of some areas and the activated vacuum zones of the table. The next step will be to control the table parameters via the GUI.

RG Technologies virtual cutting table Nesting

If I have piqued your interest and you would like further information, we can be reached via the known telephone numbers, as already mentioned. In addition, as usual, we can give you support via Teamviewer and also offer you zoom video conferences.

Stay online, but above all, stay healthy.


Best Regards


Gerald Meister - Head of Development

Developers Diaries #6

Welcome to the new edition of the Developers Diaries. We have big plans this year. In one of the previous blogs I introduced PEAKTOURe 3D to you, which is the first module of our next software generation. Today I can present a first screenshot of PEAKTOURe produce.


In 2019 we created the basic structures for the later 2D module PEAKTOURe develop. It is already possible to import the CAD data from the current CCAD and edit them with the first functions. Before we start refactoring the entire module, we decided to set up our new nesting program. CCUT becomes PEAKTOURe produce.


The following illustration shows a first user interface of our technical demo. This is not about individual features, but about the technical feasibility of the basic characteristics of PEAKTOURe produce.

RG Technologies Automatic Cutting PEAKTOURe produce Leathergoods Shoes Upholstery Automotive

As in the entire PEAKTOURe project, the aim is to transfer the existing functions to the new software generation. The functions are expanded, their operation is simplified and they are designed to be as intuitive as possible. We promise you a big step forward, especially when it comes to the adaptation of individual process sequences and the use of new peripheral devices.


Of course, PEAKTOURe produce, like PEAKTOURe 3D, will run on all major operating systems, if they are Windows or Linux. Other operating systems are currently not on our agenda. However, the running capability could be implemented if necessary, due to the platform-independent development under QT.


We will again host an Open Day in 2020. We have not yet set the exact date in autumn, but our goal is to be able to present a first version of PEAKTOURe produce by then. In the following Developers Diaries I will constantly keep you informed about the current state of the development.

Stay online and best regards


Gerald Meister - Head of Development

Developers Diaries #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Developers Diaries. This time we are taking a trip to marketing, because developments for our new product line are also taking place there.


After working on the next software generation for a quite some time, we decided to develop and present a new product name in addition to the software. Visitors to our Open Day in October 2018 and readers of this blog may already be familiar with the new name.




Until recently, PEAKTOURe was only the internal project name for the development of the new software. However, we believe that the name stands both for the values of our company and for the actual product. Thus, after successfully securing the trademark rights, we will use the name for our complete software product range.


The name PEAKTOURe consists of several parts with a respective meaning:

PEAK - because it is our goal to always be at the top. We want and will be at the top with our new product.

TOUR - because reaching the goal will be a longer tour. Later we want to accompany the customer on the way to his personal goal with our product.

e - Originally the "e" was used to convert PEAK and TOUR into the English word picture [ˈpikʧə (r)]. and to establish the connection to CAD. Since PEAKTOURe will be more than CAD and the derivation was a bit too complicated, we finally decided against it. We liked the "e" anyway and that's why it's still there.


We are also a little proud that the meanings of the individual parts of the name can be transferred 1: 1 to our company philosophy. We at RG Technologies support and accompany the customer on the way to his goal.  We have already prepared a story on this topic, which will soon be published on our homepage. I highly recommend this.


PEAKTOURe will stand for a complete product range. We have already divided these into several themes with different modules:

  • PEAKTOURe develop - the 2D and already existing 3D application.
  • PEAKTOURe organise - calculations, parts lists, work plans and order management.
  • PEAKTOURe produce - nesting and cutting. We have already started implementing. More on this in one of the next blogs.
  • PEAKTOURe collect - statistics and evaluations.
  • PEAKTOURe integrate - server and the already completed boot manager

Unfortunately we don't have an official logo yet. I can only promise you one thing at the moment, it will be mountainous.

Bild von composita auf Pixabay

Stay online and best regards


Gerald Meister - Head of Development

Simac 2020 - We are there for you

RG Technologies bei der Simac 2019


The Simac is just around the corner. The international trade fair for machinery and technology for the footwear and leather goods industry takes place from 19.02. - 21.02.2020 in Milan.


Visitors from all over the world take part in the fair. The offer is high quality and ecologically sustainable.


We will not have our own booth in Milan. As last year, Theo Kuffler and Michael Höcherl will be on site for you. Take advantage of the offer of a joint exhibition tour, technological advice included.


A large number of manufacturers present established production technologies and innovations for leather processing industries in Milan. On request, we will develop a program for you. In this context, we visit the exhibitors together with you and present relevant technological developments of the industry.


We have gained valuable experience in the field of production technology over many years. This is the basis for our well-founded consulting. The common tour on Simac has become a tradition. Many of our customers are happy to take advantage of this offer.


Admission to the fair is free of charge after accreditation.


Are you interested in experiencing the fair together with us? You can now make an appointment with RG Technologies. Michael Höcherl will be happy to answer your questions by phone at    +49 (0) 8063 973 90 21 or by email at He will advise you on the course of the program or make suggestions for presentations.


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