Project Management

RG Technologies stands for smooth projects that will be implemented quickly and energetically. We are on eye level with our customers. As part of the project management, we support our customers on site. We emphasize this for years by highest customer satisfaction with our successful projects. Our project management team supports you in the entire implementation phase of a project.


The projects of RG Technologies run on on a proven scheme:

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training
  • Support

We know all the production facilities which are installed by us, blindfolded. The knowledge of the system and the individual customer's situation is maintained after installation. RG Technologies solves problems occuring in the context of the production process immediately, competent and reliable. We see ourselves as a strong partner in the background.

Planning the Project

When planning cutting systems and production facilities RG Technologies takes particular account of how the system can be integrated perfectly and smoothly into the production process. It is for granted, that all customers requirements are met .

In-House Training- and Cutting Center

To ensure optimal tooling of the cutting systems, we offer extensive material tests as a free service in advance of installation. This test is carried out in our in-house training and cutting center. In the context of these tests, all the optimal parameters, such as acceleration and cutting speed for the machining of the materials were determined. Knowledge of these parameters allow a smooth implementing of the installed cutting systems.

Definition of the Project

A project may include a single software module up to the complete product range with an integrated cutting system. For implementation, larger projects are split to clearly defined milestones. The results of the cutting tests are a serious indication in the planning of cutting systems. They are important constraints in the definition of the project. After the assembly of the individual components, the offer will be created.

Integration into existing Assembly Lines

The integration of cutting systems or software modules into the existing structure of a company often makes it necessary to provide a suitable interface to the existing environment. In addition to the CAD interfaces that are integrated by default in our products, it is possible to implement custom interfaces to other systems in the course of project management. Non-standard interfaces are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the IT department of the customer.

Preparation of the Project

The 2nd phase of the project starts for RG Technologies from the date of order confirmation. Due to the requirements analysis the project is divided into several milestones. They base on the needs assessment that has been prepared before order processing. In close consultation with the client, the individual deadlines and targets are set.


The delivery of larger orders is sensibly made in several steps. The delivery of the CAD application before the cutting system brings a big advantage. In this approach, CAD data for further processing already exist when installing and commissioning the cutting table. The training on the cutting table is simplified due to the orientation on the practise.


RG Technologies assumes not only the actual order processes. The coordination of suppliers and the organization of the internal workings of the installation are standard.


Project management within the meaning of RG Technologies means that beginning with the order the entire organization is performed from a single source. The number of suppliers and service providers must not be co-ordinated by the customer. RG Technologies controls quality and timeliness.

Installation and Implementing

Following the planning phase of the cutting system and the order of the individual components the phase of installation starts.


RG Technologies controls the organization of the delivery and the implementation when installing a cutting system or a production plant. Again, we remain the only point of contact for the customer. The installation is thereby terminated, that it is optimally fitted in the production processes of the customer. Installation of hardware and software happens simultaneously together with the test of customer specific interfaces to the existing software environment of the company.


Prior to the installation of products and systems, it is the goal of RG Technologies, to find the best time of training as part of their project management. Training can take place both at our training center in Feldkirchen-Westerham and at the customer site.


A crucial factor is also the range of the installation. With the delivery of cutting systems, the training normally takes place at the customer. This kind of training includes the software and the operation of the hardware. For pure software training, it is advisable to carry out the training in the office of RG Technologies. The employees to be trained are not disturbed by everyday use in the training. They can thus absorb the trained knowledge much better. Of course, the customer finally decides on the location of the training.

Standby after the Training

After the actual commissioning of installed systems it is possible that a member of the RG Technologies team stays at the customer for several days to be reachable at once. This support guarantees the user to start-up the new system smoothly and with optimum output.

Analysis after Implementation

RG Technologies offers to make an analysis of the new system after the installation. This happens normaly after a certain time interval after installation and commissioning. The analysis includes not only the handling of CCAD and the cutting system but also the integration of the implemented system to the entire working process. Thus, further improvements in handling and organization are initiated easily.

Additional Training

In order to optimize the determined processes, we offer the opportunity to conduct an additional training to refresh and enlarge the knowledge. The aim of this additional training is to achieve not only the further knowledge and practice on the system, but also the highest possible output due to the optimized production processes.


Even after the successful commissioning of a cutting system RG Technologies considers the project management not as finished. We still stay the central point of contact for the customer. RG Technologies assumes during the operation of the system organization and coordination of service dates for the machines, as well as the delivery of replacement parts.


Are in the course of operation changes in the requirements of cutting systems or software necessary, adaptions are possible at any time. The output increase of the cutting systems does not always require the purchase of a further cutting table. Often it is sufficient to operate the cutting table in more than one shift with help of an additional nesting station. A significantly higher production rate is achieved with little costs as possible.

Service Contract

Software maintenance contracts ensure that applications at the customer always remain up to date and run on the current operating systems. The updates of the software which take place in regular cycles are always carried out by an employee of RG Technologies on site. The update is usually in conjunction with a training of the changes and enhancements that are also part of the maintenance contract.


Due to the constant contact the customer has always the possibility to get information about the latest trends and news by RG Technologies.