CCUT Cutting Technology, Products

We offer cutting tables for a wide variety of industries and applications. Based on the individually required machine concept of the customer, we offer various cutting tables for each material size and length.

Single Ply Cutter

Single ply cutters are used for the production of samples, small series and series production of leather and textile processing industries.


Aristo flatbed cutters cut all common materials. But Aristo can do even more: if you want to use an extraordinary material, Aristo develops the appropriate cutting tools in their Process Center.


There are various configurations available: as standard, with conveyor, and with conveyor and unloading table.

Technical Data:  
Working width [mm]: 1.300, 1.600, 1.900, 2.000, 2.300, 3.300, 5.200
Cutting window length [mm]: 1.000, 1.700, 2.500, 3.200, 5.200, 7.200

Max. speed:

1.300 mm/sec / 2.000 mm/sec

Max. acceleration:

1,15 g / 2 g

Max. cutting height:

38 mm
Compressed air: 8 bar

Vacuum pump:

selectable between 3 kW, 5,5 kW and 2 x 5,5 kW up to 5 x 5,5 kW

Power supply:

400 V, 50Hz or 208 V 60 Hz (USA)

bullmer Premiumcut ELC

The bullmer PREMIUMCUT ELC is the most flexible single-ply-cutter. It stands out with the following features:

  • Modular construction
  • Easy handling
  • Fast and easy tool exchange
Technical Data:  
Working width [mm]: 1.400, 1.600, 1.800, 2.200, 2.600, 2.800, 3.200, 5.000
Cutting window length [mm]: 1.200, 2.000, 2.500, 3.200

Working height [mm]:

880 +/- 40
Max. position speed: 120 m/min

Max. acceleration:


Max. cutting height:

50 mm
Compressed air: 6 bar

Vacuum pump:

7,5 kW / 2 x 7,5 kW (dpd. on size)

Power supply:

400 V, 50/60 Hz


RAL 7016 + RAL 9002


Your strong partner in cutting of prototypes and small series. Buddy is easy to handle, sturdy and compact. Buddy impresses with an precise cut, very fast punches, as well as an effective vacuum technology. He suitable for leather, textiles and a variety of other materials.

Technical Data:  
Working width [mm]: 1.600, 3.100, 1.600, 2.000
Cutting window length [mm] 1.000, 3.200
Max. position speed: 136 m/min

Max. acceleration:

1,3 g

Max. cutting heigth [mm]:

11, 50
Compressed air: 8 bar, 500 l/min

Vacuum pump:

7,5 kW


1.600 kg

Size (W x L) [mm]:

1.800 x 2.600,  4.700 x 2.450, 4.140 x 2.320,

Power Supply:

400 V, AC, 50 Hz

Multi Ply Cutter

Multi ply cutting has been used successfully in various industries for many years. Examples are the furniture industry, automotive and aerospace industries. All types of airtight materials are cut in high thickness. The method is suitable for a variety of shoe textiles, such as strobel, lining and filler.

Advantages of Multi Ply Cutting against Punching

  • High material efficiency
    • Optimum material utilization through automatic nesting
    • Mixing of material-related articles and orders
    • 100% equal pattern sizes
    • Small cutting distances
  • Process efficiency
    • Automated material supply
    • Handling activities outside the cutting window
    • Cutting is largely self-sufficient
    • Efficient sorting with error prevention
  • Controllability of the process
    • Series calculation based on nesting
    • 1:1 implementation of nesting results
  • System integration in the sense of Industrie 4.0
    • Automated order processing
    • Real-time access to the data
    • Integration in IT environment

bullmer Turbocut

Due to light beam and skeleton aluminium design combined with a high frequency knife the bullmer TURBOCUT is one of the fastest cutters in its category. Due to it‘s leight weigth construction a head acceleration of 1,3 G can be achieved. The TURBOCUT perfoms up to 25 mm cut height with a vertical high frequenzy oscillating knife.

Technical Data:  
Working width [mm]: 1.600, 1.800, 2.000, 2.200
Cutting window length: 1.800 mm
Sorting conveyor length: 1.850 mm
Max. position speed: 100 m/min

Max. acceleartion:

1,3 g

Max. cutting height:

25 mm
Compressed air: 6 bar

Vacuum pump:

15 kW

Power supply:

230/400 V, 50 Hz, ca. 20 kW (incl. vacuum pump)

Pattern Cutter

Aristo TL 1310 / TL 1317

Aristo cutters from the TL series cut and mill all common stencil materials with maximum precision. The tables also process other materials such as leather and technical textiles and are therefore also suitable for sample and small series production.

Technical Data:  
Working width [mm]: 1.300 x 1.000, 1.300 x 1.700
Cutting window length: 1.000, 1.700
Max. speed: 1.130 mm/sec

Max. cutting height:

38 mm
Compressed air: 8 bar

Vacuum pump:

selectable between 3 kW and 5,5 kW

Power supply:

400 V, 50 Hz or 208 V, 60 Hz (USA)

Plottertech Duet Single Ply

The Plottertech Duet Single Ply cuts pattern material for a variety of industries. In addition to cardboard, rubber, vinyl and plastics can also be processed. The cutting head contains two tools (knife and pin).

Technical Data:  
Working width [mm]: 1.200 x 900, 1.820 x 1.016
Cutting window length: 1.422, 2.038
Max. position speed: 56 cm/s

Max. cutting height:

0.6 mm
Compressed air: 6 bar

Vacuum pump:

1-2 kW

Power supply:

230/115 V, 50/60 Hz