Partner Blog #3 Olympic Engineering

Olympic Engineering is a Greek company that has been pioneering innovative technologies for the footwear industry for many decades. Olympic has been a close partner of ours for years, with whom we have a trusting and successful working relationship. This enabled us to take over the complete distribution of the DACH region, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Olympic was founded in 1969 by Christos Triantafyllis and has remained in the family. Nick Triantafyllis now runs the company. The company's focus has always been on creativity and innovation. This is reflected in all the company's products. The quality and precision of the products are guaranteed by the company's own department for the production of castings. The resulting possibilities for creative development approaches for the individual machines are unique in the industry. The company constantly rethinks old process steps and comes up with new solutions and well thought-out details for them.


The machines themselves are characterized by safe and intuitive operation, ergonomic design, high productivity, robustness and durability. The product range includes machines for back part moulding, toe moulding, side lasting, upper assembly and upper crimping and blocking.


The company also specializes in the manufacture of moulds for their back part moulding- and moccassin forming machines.


In all projects implemented so far, we have been able to count on the quick and competent support of the manufacturer.

Crimping Machines: VC-19D und VC-23 D

 Olympic Engineering, Crimping

With the VC-19D, Olympic achieved a coup a few years ago by completely rethinking the previous concept of crimping. Since then, numerous well-known and leading shoe manufacturers have recognized the potential of this technology and are using it profitably, especially to avoid costly and material-intensive re- cutting.

In the meantime - true to the company's philosophy - further development does not stand still here either and so the latest generation was presented at the last SIMAC 2022. The VC-23D is fully programmable and, thanks to the integrated touch screen, all parameters can be edited precisely and easily. The software for this comes from the company itself. In terms of material technology, there are basically no restrictions in processing; even the most sensitive materials can be successfully crimped without creases.

Toe Moulding Machine: TM-17

 Olympic Engineering, Toe Moulding Machine

The TM-17 toe moulding machine is also one of Olympic's bestsellers. In the course of the increasingly popular Strobel technique, this machine produces a result that makes all further work steps much easier. In addition, the fit can be precisely and repeatedly influenced at this point. As with all other Olympic machines, a wide variety of materials can be processed, especially those that are often difficult to handle with other technologies.

Back Part Moulders: The Multiform Series

 Olympic Engineering, Multiform Series

With the machines of the multiform series, Olympic has been sending very powerful machines into the race for many years, which produce an excellent result. The shaping in the back part area is very efficient for different types of making, both for Thermo- and for Lefa caps. The machines can process an extremely wide range of materials, and the results speak for themselves. The specially developed Quick-Change system reduces set-up times to a minimum. Rotatable moulds enable the processing of a wide range of fabrics. The machines are suitable for heavy footwear as well as for gallantry.

If you have any questions about Olympic Engineering products, we will be happy to answer them.


The following issue of our partner blog is dedicated to Global, a company whose machines cover a completely different field of shoe manufacturing.

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