Developers Diaries #6

Welcome to the new edition of the Developers Diaries. We have big plans this year. In one of the previous blogs I introduced PEAKTOURe 3D to you, which is the first module of our next software generation. Today I can present a first screenshot of PEAKTOURe produce.


In 2019 we created the basic structures for the later 2D module PEAKTOURe develop. It is already possible to import the CAD data from the current CCAD and edit them with the first functions. Before we start refactoring the entire module, we decided to set up our new nesting program. CCUT becomes PEAKTOURe produce.


The following illustration shows a first user interface of our technical demo. This is not about individual features, but about the technical feasibility of the basic characteristics of PEAKTOURe produce.

RG Technologies Automatic Cutting PEAKTOURe produce Leathergoods Shoes Upholstery Automotive

As in the entire PEAKTOURe project, the aim is to transfer the existing functions to the new software generation. The functions are expanded, their operation is simplified and they are designed to be as intuitive as possible. We promise you a big step forward, especially when it comes to the adaptation of individual process sequences and the use of new peripheral devices.


Of course, PEAKTOURe produce, like PEAKTOURe 3D, will run on all major operating systems, if they are Windows or Linux. Other operating systems are currently not on our agenda.


We will again host an Open Day in 2020. We have not yet set the exact date in autumn, but our goal is to be able to present a first version of PEAKTOURe produce by then. In the following Developers Diaries I will constantly keep you informed about the current state of the development.

Stay online and best regards


Gerald Meister - Head of Development